Delisting from DNSBL

1 september, 2016 09:02

As a reminder, our removal tools is up and running at This method works much faster today, than sending requests to the support mail - and the SLA for manual removals has therefore been changed to a bit lower than before. The tools are there for you.

More information about DNSBL could also be found here.


An old missing link in TorExits

11 augusti, 2016 04:15

The "Tor Exit Node scanner" has been down for a while due to the long unconvenient upgrade made. It is however re-instated with a small bonus: From now on, the ExitNode-scanner will be self-sanitized and hosts discovered as exit nodes will automatically get removed as soon as the official ExitNode-list ( is updated.


Removal tool is back online

7 augusti, 2016 20:50

Our removal tools that works agains DNSBL v5.0 is finally released. It's up and it has been tested both with ipv4 and ipv6-connections, so now we're ready to release it in public too.


And if you still need manual support, you may want to take a look at as usual.


DNSBL with FraudBL

9 juli, 2016 03:47 v5.0.0 has just been released so we are now fully synched with FraudBL. The docs regarding the API has been updated, which you can read here:

There is an ongoing project with TorneLIB which has a standalone project for handling our API. It's not ready for release, but you can review the upcoming script at the dev-site here!

If you recently contacted us about removal and you seem to be relisted, the release of version 5 may be the cause, and the fact that some hosts has not been properly updated in both our databases.


DNSBL with FraudBL update

3 juli, 2016 11:09

The project tracker has been rebuilt, so now there's an overview on what's going on with the project. You can see it here or at the documentation site here.