DNSBL & FraudBL rule updates

26 oktober, 2016 17:46

As of 22 October, we have changed the behaviour of message analyzing.

If a message contains known hosts, discard the message as already listed but reset "deleted"-dates and relist if necessary.

Messages are no longer discarded with a "already listed". This behaviour was built to save data storage. Data storage is a problem, but we have to live with that even if some cases is automatically solved by our orphan-cleaner (DNSBL-46). So, for each message found as "already listed", we are incrementing the hostcount. This means that, the more hits from a server the harder rules are applied on the host.

Source: DNSBL-54


Relase Notes – DNSBL 5.0.2

10 oktober, 2016 22:15

It has been alive for a while, but since we're starting on v5.0.3 today, here's also the official release notes for DNSBL 5.0.2

Release Notes - Tornevall Networks DNSBL Project - Version EP-DNSBL-5.0.2


  • [DNSBL-27] - When extended information is active and deleted items are shown

  • [DNSBL-47] - Undefined indexes in curl removal tests

  • [DNSBL-51] - API removal allows multiple removals on delisted address and adds penalty if more than one request is sent


  • [DNSBL-26] - Removal tool via http

  • [DNSBL-30] - Permanent deletion of local addresses

  • [DNSBL-32] - Need navbar for DNSBL-web

  • [DNSBL-36] - Removal penalties for returning hosts

  • [DNSBL-37] - Penalty timer reset after 180 days

  • [DNSBL-38] - Penalty timer should show up on delisting-homepage

  • [DNSBL-39] - Release of PenaltyBL

  • [DNSBL-44] - Purge host instead of delist in API


Delisting from DNSBL

1 september, 2016 09:02

As a reminder, our removal tools is up and running at https://dnsbl.tornevall.org/removal/. This method works much faster today, than sending requests to the support mail - and the SLA for manual removals has therefore been changed to a bit lower than before. The tools are there for you.

More information about DNSBL could also be found here.


An old missing link in TorExits

11 augusti, 2016 04:15

The "Tor Exit Node scanner" has been down for a while due to the long unconvenient upgrade made. It is however re-instated with a small bonus: From now on, the ExitNode-scanner will be self-sanitized and hosts discovered as exit nodes will automatically get removed as soon as the official ExitNode-list (https://check.torproject.org/exit-addresses) is updated.


Removal tool is back online

7 augusti, 2016 20:50

Our removal tools that works agains DNSBL v5.0 is finally released. It's up and it has been tested both with ipv4 and ipv6-connections, so now we're ready to release it in public too.


And if you still need manual support, you may want to take a look at http://docs.tornevall.net/x/OIBu as usual.